“The Consonant of the breathing H.”  The poet and the classical philologist Jesper Svenbro spoke about this in a radio program I heard many years ago. I do not remember in what context it was mentioned, but thought it sounded beautiful, and I saw in front of me the H-shape like the frame of a building.

It is often the case when my images are created that fragments and impulses from different directions are transformed and put together into something new.

In this graphic sheet, the drawing of the H-shape has also been composed together with a kind of rudder, the ability to navigate, the single line (the safe course), and the ellipse or almond shape (Vesica Piscis lat.)

The blue ellipse is a symbol of life itself, calm breathing (oxygen), and the rudder that can steer us towards what we want and can imagine.

Annie Lennox’s beautiful song “Universal Child” put the different pieces together for me to shape the picture.

I want to end with the last lines of the song

”I can feel you, you´re everywhere Shining like the sun. And I wished to God that kids like you Could be like everyone.”

Peter Hahne May 2021

A fundraising project in collaboration with the Swedish artist Peter Hahne to raise funds for  NBP Charitable Foundations’ different projects. Peter Hahne has produced a limited edition of 24 framed artworks of “Graphic sheets” that are available for purchase for SEK 8’500 each, excluding shipping (shipping will be done on a case-by-case basis) Peter Hahne was born in 1955 in Arboga, Sweden, and lives and works today in Malmö. During the late 1970s, he studied at the art academies in Stockholm and Copenhagen. Today he is represented in all the collections of significant Swedish museums. The funds received from the sale of the artwork will fully go to supporting the projects of NBP to foster the education and well-being of underprivileged children and their families worldwide. The graphic sheet is available in an edition of 24 copies 1/24- 24/24 Please reach out to Sarah Osterwalder or Emma Brag Pettersson for more information on how you can become the owner of this piece of art.